you need
  • - CV;
  • - means of communication (telephone, internet, etc.);
  • - communication skills;
  • - willingness to demonstrate their professionalism.
We must start with the expulsion resume coordinates specified in the job.Especially in a situation when you recommend (but the fact that you, on the recommendation, it is necessary to mention the required).Better not leave the body of an email message blank.Place it in a cover letter.When you send your resume by fax the attached text is printed on a separate page and is transmitted first.It is possible in this case, entitle it "The covering letter to the summary of the vacancy ...".In
response to the recent position that does not contain at least a very brief reference to the recipient, it is considered bad form and is more likely to be in the basket, no matter what great investments nor contained.
If your profession gives you the opportunity to showcase examples of works (for example, you're a designer, copywriter, journalist, photographer, and so forth.), Immediately apply to the letter the ones that feel most significant in light of the specifics of the vacancy.If they have too much, give a link, where they can be found, preferably with a lightweight version: no one will be delighted by the need too long to download.
If your resume interest of the employer, be prepared to answer questions, whose purpose - to find out your professional suitability for the job and demanded personal qualities, your chance to fit into the corporate culture, etc.You may be asked to perform a short test on the professional ability or pass a psychological test to identify those or other qualities.Well, if the employer does not find contraindications for your candidacy, the interview - and it is possible that not one you certainly can not escape.