In the event that the type and the specificity of the work is such that it can perform any person, then contact the recruitment agencies makes no sense - it's expensive and they do not keep records of peoplewithout education and experience.
Therefore, you can start with an ad in the newspaper.It is not necessary to publish such ads in each room, specialized newspaper in which employers are looking for workers for their businesses or to perform a certain amount of work.Publish it periodically, in 3-4 rooms.
Give a request to the municipal employment service.Its employees are interested to employ as many people, so they will send to you all who are more or less corresponds to the requirements spec
ified by you.
Set workers can declare and through other media.Suffice it works effectively is classified as a ticker that local TV can broadcast on any television program.It is enough to tell that you need a working definition of special or unskilled workers, and provide telephone numbers of personnel.
Such a message, you can free of charge or for a small fee, and place on the Internet.Ironically, many who wish to find a job already taking advantage of this free source of information.
Go to vocational schools that prepare workers the desired specialty, talk with their alumni.
Another good way - to hang on the building of enterprise resource with the announcement of a job.Its location may be, will have to coordinate with the local administration, which sometimes refers them to advertising.The question you should clarify with the officials.
Note that even if an activity for which you took the workers, does not involve highly qualified, you will still need to be taken to the set of the workforce very seriously.It is better if the head of personnel will each interview or additional testing to at a preliminary stage clear cut truants and idlers.