you need
  • attentiveness, patience, program delivery reporting
Try to approach report Nome period without erroneous entries.Check out the trial balance for each account.There should be no redness.Spend a reconciliation with the tax and the funds for the payment of taxes and fees.Upgrade program for delivery of report.They are issued in tax free, as well as online programs FIU have to pass an annual report of.
First study of the taxpayer calendar, write out the terms required report of, and depending on what the payer of taxes and contributions is your organization prepared its plan of putting report of .Calendar taxpayer can be downloaded from the IRS.Next, create
report of the contributions on wages and scatter under the accrual postings.
next step - preparing report tion form on the average number of employed persons in your organization.Pass must be before January 20.If you are a VAT payer, before January 20, you will also need to account for this tax.Next compose the calculation of property tax, transport, etc.
Once checked all accruals for all taxes, prepare a report income statement and balance sheet.To do this, spend the balance of the Reformation.It can be said, the last operation report period.In the first phase set to zero subaccount of account 90 "Sales".On the second - rose by 91 "Other income and expenses".The third stage is closed by 99 "Gains and losses".Now you can fill the balance sheet.
It is also necessary to make a report to the of "Explanatory Note to the annual financial report of."
If you are a small business, then you need to pass statement of changes in equity, statement of cash flows.For the successful completion of the annual report and watch carefully for changes in the Finance Ministry and of the legislation.