Before you fill in the technical report, download a unified form on the Internet.On the title page in the appropriate field put down the code of the legal entity that is assigned to the environmental authorities.Enter the full name of the company and the territory, which actually is the economic entity, as well as his actual address.
When filling out Table 1, note that the columns 2 and 3 must be filled in strict accordance with the "Federal classification catalog of waste."If the company has approved draft norms, fill in column 4 in accordan
ce with it.If DWGNDL not available, put down the sign code of waste.In the case where the sign of the FWCC is "0", put down a sign in accordance with the order №511 from 15.06.2001, the Ministry of Natural Resources In column 11 enter the code 500, if the waste is stored on the territory of your enterprise and the code "999" atwaste disposal in areas not designed for storage.
Information indicated in columns 2 and 3 of Table 2 shall comply with the data specified in Table 1. In column 4 enter the name of the company on the basis of contractual documents.Its code in column 5 put down in accordance with the registration code assigned to the environmental authorities.If this company is located in another territory, put down the code "1001", if abroad, the code "1002".Number of received waste put down in column 6 in accordance with the accounting records.
Table 3 fill in columns 2 and 3 in accordance with the data of Table 1. Column 4 fill in accordance with the contractual documentation.In column 5, enter the license number of the legal person to whom the waste.Put down the end of the period of its validity.Count 6 fill according to the registration documents of environmental authorities.
Put down the code "1001" or "1002" if the company is located outside your territory or abroad.Column 7 put down information on the amount transferred for the year of waste, which must correspond to those indicated in the accounting records.