Write a report in which specify the reason for the official investigation into the violations.A report drawn up in the name of a leader who has the right to decide on the disciplinary penalty.The report strictly specify the time, place, rank, position, surname, name and patronymic of the employee, as well as a violation.Sign the report, specifying the date of writing, his rank, position, surname and initials.Submitting the report can be in person or through the Secretariat, duly registered.
Further, as directed by the manual, get an explanation from the person who has committed a breach of discipline.In his explanation, he must indicate the violation and the reasons he contributed.
Remove the copies of documents confirming the breach of discipline.Fo
r example, sick leave, or copies of the registration of magazines and books.
After receiving an explanation perform official inspection.If the violation does not have a good reason, you should bring the offender to disciplinary action.
Conclusion service check complete your accordingly, a detailed description of violation, disrespectful reasons for the violation, make a reference to regulations which prohibit such acts, a decision on the facts before superiors, and additional instructions, such asnotification of persons affected by the breach.Send a copy of the personnel department, as well as select in custody.
Upon approval to enter into the head of the order on punishment, which indicates the kind of punishment.Significantly different kinds of penalties such as "comment" and "incomplete adequacy."The most lenient punishment is an "observation."More serious violations may result in a "warning service incompetence."The extreme measure of punishment is dismissal.