Where are the hard-leaved forests and shrubs

sclerophyllous bushes and forests are located in Australia, the Mediterranean, the western regions of North America and Africa.These areas are represented by evergreen trees and shrubs that belong to the group Sclerophyll.In addition to a wide variety of rare plants and trees, hard-leaved forests boast the rare animals that live happily in this area.

sclerophyllous forests and bushes on one side bordering savannas, deserts and tropical forests, and the other - from the forests of temperate latitudes, so the fauna of this area is very similar to the fauna of the neighboring regions.

Fauna evergreen forests and shrubs

Mediterranean sclerophyllous evergreen forests in the Mediterranean in a large
number of live animals such as ground squirrels, marmots.On a large number of rodents can be judged by the presence of many small dug them holes.There is also frequent various snakes, chameleons, lizards, geckos, turtles.A lot of insects, especially jumping Orthoptera species.The birds on the territory of the common blue Mediterranean thrush peresmeshka, warbler.

Spanish-sclerophyllous evergreen forests home to the European genet.It is a small animal that looks very similar to a cat.He has spotted a light gray color and feeds on small rodents, birds.Also at the sclerophyllous forests of Spain lives the only European species of monkeys - tailless macaque.This little creature has a very thick coat, so that the animal can withstand cold up to -10 ° C.Weight tailless macaque is only 15 kg.

In Sardinia and Corsica there are porcupines, jackals, wild rabbits, wild goats.Also there is a very rare nowadays mountain sheep - mouflon, which is the smallest of the mountain sheep.Males have large mouflon spirally twisted horns.Of the birds in sclerophyllous forests and shrubs inhabit mountain chicken, blue magpie, black vulture, Sardinian Warbler, Spanish sparrow.


eucalyptus forests in Australia, a lot of koalas.This fun little animal lives in trees and prefers to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

North Africa

Fauna sclerophyllous forests located in the northern part of Africa is diverse.Here you can find the following: dragons, chameleons, porcupines, monkeys, wild mice, wolves, civet.Also, there are a large number of reptiles such as turtles, some species of lizards, geckos, snakes.Quite rare, but found in the woods of Morocco bears.