you need
  • dishes, which will discharge into the electrolyte, rubber bag with a spout of 10-12 cm., With a clean cloth.
puts on a bench (desktop) battery which has been removed from the car.Carefully wipe the surface of the battery.Unscrews cork that closes the battery banks.Next to the battery put the dishes used to drain fluid.Take the rubber bulb, press it, thereby letting the air out of her nose and dive fully into the battery bank.When the pear will restore its original shape, which means that it is filled.Carefully transfer the nose of pear and pear by extrusion rid of waste liquid by pouring it into a bowl for testing.
Repeat this process until the final draining of the battery cans.If you need to fill in new electrolyte, it is advisable to wash the cans with distilled water.For this purpose, type in a blower liquid fill each jar with distilled water.Thereafter, on the banks tightening the plug and turn the battery several times.Then just choose a rubber bulb used washing.Now you need to fill in an electrolyte prepared with the necessary density to the banks.To do this, type in a pear fresh solution of electrolyte and fill the jar.They need to fill up lower edge of the neck.After you fill with fresh electrolyte battery, it must be put on charge.
If electrolyte gets into open areas of the body, wash the affected area with running water and if the scale of the defeat of a small burn spread buckthorn oil or its substitute.However, if the affected area is extensive, after the obligatory washing is necessary to appeal to the burn center, where you will provide the necessary assistance.