you need
  • - two copper plates (electrodes);
  • - two copper or aluminum wires;
  • - voltmeter.
One of the sources of electricity are ordinary telephone lines.They are supported by tension, which not only provides the performance of handsets users, but also allows for work incandescent small and medium power.
Another known method for producing electricity is obtaining it from the tree.To do this, you need two small pieces of metal.When interacting with each other, these plates will form a bipolar electrodes - an anode and cathode.Take one of them (for example, an iron nail or aluminum rod) and insert it as far as possible in a tree trunk.The second electrochemical cell paste at 15-20
cm into the soil next to the tree.After a few seconds between the elements will arise 1 volt.In order to work out the tension had enough good quality, it is necessary to insert into the tree a greater number of rods.
Similarly, you can get electricity , inserting the battery cells in lemon, orange and other citrus fruits.Moreover, in this case, in addition to copper and aluminum, is also allowed to use the plates (bars) of gold or silver, which in turn will receive a voltage of not one, but as many as two volts.
in suburban areas can produce electricity through ordinary raw potatoes.To this end, in addition to the potato tuber, you will need toothpaste, salt and wires.Take a tuber and cut it into two halves.In the center of one of them with a teaspoon make a small indentation, and put salt mixed with toothpaste, and swipe through another stripped wire.Then connect the halves by means of matches, needles or toothpicks so that the wire in contact with the toothpaste.That's it - your source of electricity ready.Now you can use it to include a light bulb and by an electric spark to light the fires.