What a relief

Relief - is, first of all, form the Earth's surface.These forms are mainly related to tectonic processes, variations in the levels of seas and oceans.Partial relief associated with the activities of glaciers and other phenomena.As the boundary between the atmosphere and the lithosphere, the relief is crucial in the redistribution of solar radiation and precipitation.Therefore, it depends on the forms of relief and a particular type of climate over large areas, as well as the formation of different kinds of soil.

Since it is a relief serves as a barrier to the distribution of moisture and heat, as well as weathering products, he is actively involved in soil formation.

He is also a determining factor in the pattern of soil is the basis of soil mapping.From the topography often it depends
on the degree of soil moisture.

on this parameter there are several groups of soils.For example: automorphic, semi-hydromorphic and hydromorphic.Accordingly, it is not waterlogged, partly waterlogged and waterlogged.

relief role in soil formation

It is important to influence macrorelief because it defines how to construct the earth's surface over large areas.All mountain ranges, plains, lowlands determined macrorelief.Accordingly, depend on it, and streams, and the movement of air masses.

In mountainous areas the formation and distribution of soils subject to the law of vertical zoning.Thus, the main soil types are located in separate zones, which follow each other sequentially from the bottom to the top.

Soil formation in the mountains due to the presence of weathering products like igneous and ancient sedimentary rocks of different composition.Standing demolition product of soil formation leads to a continuous rejuvenation of the soil and attract all the new layers of rock in soil, which is beneficial to the development of forests.

In turn, mesorelief and is different hills, gullies, ravines, contribute to the redistribution of moisture in the soil formation and accordingly.

Equally important influence on the creation of soil and seemingly minor micro- and nano-forms that provide elevation to fifty centimeters on areas up to ten square meters.But they are extremely important in the distribution of soil moisture and direct impact on the accumulation of humus and its distribution more equitable.