Egg protein - one of two main components, which is part of the bird's eggs, along with egg yolk.

protein in the egg

Egg most bird species have a similar structure: they consist of protein and egg yolk.Moreover, for human consumption at the moment in the world's most widely used chicken eggs, but for these purposes are also applied to other types of eggs - for example, quail, duck, ostrich and even turtle eggs.

Thus, it is egg protein is the most commonly used in food in comparison with other types of egg protein.Weight of protein in chicken egg is about 55% of the total weight of the eggs.About 85% of this substance consists of plain water, while the remaining 15% are various nutrients.

So much of this is just the share of valuable food component - protein: it accounts for about 13% of the total weight of egg white.Thus, white egg
is one of the most pure protein species contained in foods.This makes them highly sought after by people controlling the protein content in the food, such as athletes.Therefore, a protein often used them for food on their own, after the separation of the yolk.

In this regard the components in chicken eggs contain various kinds of proteins: for example, more than half of the total weight of chicken egg ovalbumin accounted for, which scientists believe is a valuable nutrient and is used to supply the chick embryo during its development.Other proteins present in egg - it ovotransferrin, lysozyme, ovomucoid, ovomucin and ovoglobulin.

Other components of protein

About 1% of the total protein mass egg falls on carbohydrates and fats, and their ratio in the mass can be estimated as approximately 70/30.Thus, we can say that their share in the pure protein is quite insignificant.Further, egg protein contains glucose which is easily digestible source of energy, various enzymes necessary for normal functioning of the digestive system, and vitamin B.

In pure egg white separated from egg yolk per 100 grams of the substance contained approximately 11squirrel.Calorie the same amount of egg white is about 44 calories.However, it should be borne in mind that the weight of protein contained in a chicken egg is usually much smaller figure, one egg contains on average about 30 grams of egg white.Properly change and the number of calories consumed with the quantity of food.