to equalize the chemical "example" Several steps are required.
Record reaction equation in general form.To do this, the unknown coefficients of the formulas of substances are designated by letters of the alphabet (x, y, z, t, etc.).Let it be requ
ired to equalize the reaction of a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, a result of which the water.Before the molecules of hydrogen, oxygen and water to put letters (x, y, z) - coefficients.
the general form of the equation
for each item based on the material balance of the mathematical equations and a system of equations.In this example, the hydrogen on the left to take a 2, since it has the index "2" on the right - 2z, because he also has the index "2"., Get 2x = 2z, hence, x = z.For oxygen left to get 2y, since there is an index "2" on the right - z, because the index does not, then he is one, which is usually not write.It turns out, 2y = z, and z = 0,5y.
visibility to the commentary
Count the number of equations (the number of substances) and the number of unknowns (number of elements).In the chosen example: to obtain a system of two equations: x = z and y = 0,5z.