those of birds that breed in temperate latitudes and northern regions of the planet, much of his life still carried out in the south.Every year they instinctively, make long and full of dangers flights, overcoming a thousand kilometers.The cause of seasonal migrations are changes in climatic conditions and the difficulty in obtaining food.
Migratory birds usually have permanent wintering sites.But in the southern edges are not as tied to the narrow regions such as in their home country.Most of the birds are choosing to dwell in the south of conditions similar to those that are customary in northern breeding grounds.Forest birds choose to winter woodla
nd, steppe stop in the plains.
on the way birds are often forced to travel long sections unusual for these areas, for example, water or open spaces of the desert.Birds tend to cross these areas as quickly as possible, without making long stops.It is noticed that most migration routes lie over the area where the birds feel more confident and comfortable.
It is believed that all of the migratory birds are moved in the fall just to the south.But it is not.Some species, constantly living in the northern hemisphere, from one year to go to the west and south-west of Europe, where they find for themselves the usual conditions of existence.For example, living in Siberia, black-throated diver fly in the direction of the White Sea, where usually move in the direction of the Baltic and Scandinavia.
Some species of migratory birds prefer to opt for the winter country with a warm climate and abundant food supply.Summer residence of the many visitors from the north are located in southern Europe, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia.In Russia, however, live poultry, which, when flights do not leave the country, but only moved into the southern regions of it.
In general, the lifestyle of birds in wintering grounds is not much different from the usual.After leaving his native land, migrating birds are in favorable conditions that allow to feed the younger offspring.One of the advantages of living in the southern regions is the increase in day length that has a positive effect on the development of birds.Yet even the most favorable conditions can not force the birds to remain permanently in the wintering grounds.When the time for countless flocks once again pulled to their homes.