anthropogenic influence

At the moment, the world almost no places where no human foot has stepped.It will in the first place its impact on natural systems.This is due to several factors.Firstly, the number of people on the planet increases.To resettlement is uniform, it is necessary to continuously work on new land.They cut down forests, cultivated crops, killed or expelled representatives of the local fauna.

Secondly, the development of human technology can not be stopped.Thanks to modern technology, a person can get into your eyes in the depths of the universe, can penetrate deep into the depths of the seas and oceans, can explore the hottest and coldest places on the planet.Get at least the dis
covery of America by Columbus.If not for the development of merchant shipping, about such a discovery could not dream of.The man chased by a sense of curiosity, gets to the place where previously was not, and trying to survive in their new places.This happens without human influence on the environment.

third most significant factor - the development of the industry.Thousands of factories around the globe emit into the atmosphere, land and water thousands of different toxic substances that pollute the environment is faulty.After all, the earth - it is also a big natural complex.Speak already about how polluted the particular piece of land on which there are industrial enterprises.

interaction of the components of the natural complex

addition to human influence, within them there are constant processes in the dynamics of change and transform natural systems.These processes are associated with the interrelated components, which are inherent in any natural complex.This relief, water, soil, climate, vegetation and fauna.Any change in time of any of these components will inevitably lead to a change in all the others.

living example - the era of the dinosaurs.In prehistoric times, these amazing animals the whole Earth was populated.If not for the fall of the meteorite, and not caused by the event dramatic climate change all over the planet, no one would have said, no matter how natural systems were modern and was a man on earth.

Another example that on everyone's lips - the destruction of the ozone layer of the atmosphere.Due to excessive greenhouse gas emissions from industry, the planet is practically no funds from the sun's ultraviolet radiation.This leads to a gradual change in climatic conditions throughout the world, and rising sea levels.