you need
  • - line;
  • - rangefinder;
  • - protractor;
  • - the notion of Cartesian coordinates.
To measure the distance between the two points , build the segment ends of which will be the point.Then, using a ruler, measure the length of this segment.It will be equal to the distance between the two points .This can be done both in space and in the plane.
If the points have coordinates in a Cartesian coordinate system (x1; y1; z1) and (x2; y2; z2) is to find the distance between them, perform the following steps: 1. Fromcoordinates of the first point, subtract the corresponding coordinates of the second point, giving you the (x1-x2);(y1-y2);(z1-z2).2. Erect values ​​obtained in claim 1 in the square and find their sum (x1-x2) ² + (y1-y2) ² + (z1-z2) ².3. From t
he resulting number, take the square root.
The result is the distance between points with coordinates (x1; y1; z1) and (x2; y2; z2).If the points are given in polar coordinates, convert them to Cartesian.Find distance between them as described.
If you set the coordinate system is problematic, and measure the distance between two points straight hard (for example, if the dots between hill is), use additional construction.Stick on flat terrain until it becomes visible until both these points.With the range finder to measure the distance to each of the points (for greater accuracy using laser measuring devices).Use the protractor to determine the angle between the directions to the point, the distance between them is determined.
find the desired distance , by doing the following calculations: 1.Squared measured distance range finder and find the sum of the resulting numbers.2. Locate twice the product of the same distance and multiply it by the cosine of the measured ugla.3.From the result obtained in Sec. 1, subtract the result obtained in step 2.4. From this number, remove the square root.