The existence of hydrogen spoke at the dawn of the event chemistry as a science, when in the course of his experiments, the selection was observed by such scholars as Mikhail Lomonosov and Henry Cavendish, who called it inflammable air.
The combustion of hydrogen gave water, and it's pushed the French chemist Antoine Lauvaze a detailed analysis of the water, break it into components.Thus, it became known that hydrogen is included in the composition of water.Luavaze gave the name of the combustible gas - Gidrogenium, and in Russia it is on a proposal from the chemist Soloviev, was called hydrogen.
No element in the universe, which would have the same distribution, as hydrogen.It is because of this gas is the main part of the stars and interstel
lar gas.In a high temperature environment, such as the sun, where the temperature exceeds the upper layers 6000oS hydrogen gas into a plasma.
of the hydrogen atmosphere is a basis of many of the giant planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, and here on earth, in spite of the relative abundance of hydrogen is much smaller.During the evolution of our planet, most of the gas has left the Earth's atmosphere.
hydrogen on the planet - is the tenth item on the extent of its prevalence, but most of it is contained in various compounds, but not in pure form.No hydrogen is inconceivable any form of organic life - it is a part of the water and contains absolutely all living cells.
Hydrogen - a very light gas, it is lighter than air in more than fourteen times.You can verify this by watching the balloons filled with hydrogen, which in open areas tend to heaven.
Because of the physical properties of hydrogen should be noted its good solubility in many metals, but it is practically insoluble in silver and poorly soluble in water.In order to obtain a liquid hydrogen, it should be kept within a narrow temperature range from -252.8 to -259,2oS.
Hydrogen is widely used in the chemical industry, for example, for the production of ammonia, and at the dawn of aviation was widely used in hot-air balloons and airships, but after several explosions had been replaced with a more expensive, but safer helium.

Today, aviation and space industry, hydrogen is used as rocket fuel, and because of its environmental friendliness not cease talking about how to use it and for passenger engines, but if it happens, a very long time.