First of all, I would like to say - in order to resolve any chemical equation, it is important to know certain techniques, methods and approaches to this process, as will be discussed below.
To begin, it is important to know that the basis of preparation absolutely any chemical equation is the law of conservation of mass.Also, any chemical equation shows the ratio of the substances participating in the reaction.Knowing this, you can proceed to the following steps.
Examine closely the condition of their task.Write down briefly condition on a piece of paper or in a notebook.Make the equation of chemical reaction.Record of the equation of all the known and unknown quantities.Making such actions, it is important not just specify numbers
, but also supply the appropriate units for the pure substances without impurities.
determine the original contents of a pure substance when entering into the reaction of substances containing impurities.
Record respective values ​​of found from the equation of chemical reaction under the formulas of substances known and unknown.Make a proportion and solve it.Write down the answer.
Do such actions, taking other substances.Remember that the more time you devote to solve chemical equations, the easier it will be for you the process.
In studying and solving chemical equations should know and remember that these equations different from other (mathematical).The chemical equation in any case must not be mixed right and left sides, as the substance of the right - is the reaction products, and the left side of the matter - the names of agents.If you will be made permutation of the two parts, eventually get totally different chemical reaction equation.