Two theories of formation of oil

There are two theories of formation of oil, which is now his supporters and opponents among scientists.The first is called the biogenic theory.According to her, the oil is formed from the organic remains of plants and animals over millions of years.For the first time it put forward the outstanding Russian scientist MVLomonosov.

The rate of development of human civilization, much faster than the rate of formation of oil so it can be attributed to non-renewable natural resources.Biogenic theory assumes that oil will soon be over.According to the forecasts of some scientists to extract "black gold" humanity can not yet over 30 years.

Another theory is more optimistic and gives hope to the big oil companies.It's called abiogenic.Its founder was the DIMendeleev.During one of his visits to Baku he met
famous geologist Abikh Herman, who shared the great chemist c his thoughts about the formation of oil.

Abikh noticed that all the major oil fields are located in the vicinity of cracks and fractures in the crust.Mendeleev took note of this information and created their theory of oil formation.According to her, surface water, penetrating deep into the cracks of the crust, react with metals and carbides.As a result of such reaction produces hydrocarbons which gradually rise along the same fractures in the earth's crust.Gradually, in the thickness of the crust appears oilfield.This process takes at least 10 years.This theory allows scientists to assert that oil reserves will suffice for many centuries.

reserves of oil fields will have time to replenish, if the person from time to time to stop production.Do it in a constantly growing population is almost impossible.The only hope remains in uncharted field.

Scientists lead new evidence of the truth abiogenic theory.The famous scientist from Moscow showed that when heated to 400 degrees any hydrocarbon which has polinaftenovaya component stands out pure oil.

Artificial oil

under laboratory conditions can be obtained by synthetic oil.This was known in the last century.Why do people look for oil deep under the ground, and do not synthesize it?The thing is a huge market value of synthetic oil.To make it very profitable.

The fact that the oil can be obtained in the laboratory to confirm the theory of abiotic oil formation, which recently got a lot of supporters in different countries.