you need
  • - freezer,
  • - a few tanks,
  • - household water filter,
  • - activated carbon,
  • - rubber tube.
most simple and accessible method in everyday life - freezing.In this way, we enjoyed even in ancient times.It consists in the following: the capacity is cooled to sub-zero temperatures, until the water freezes.Make it easier to modern conditions, placing it in the freezer.Freezing oil , usually far below the freezing point of water.After some time water will turn into ice and the oil remains liquid
.It can be easily drained into a separate bowl and the ice surface to remove residual oil gently wipe with a dry cloth.
Another simple way - filtering.For this fit any home filter.However, to begin with you will need to drain most of the oil , so as not to filter the mixture is too high load.Once the oil is drained, skip water through the filter.Will it without the oil film.
more sophisticated way - absorption.It consists in that in a container of water and oil is placed a special material (called absorption agent), which absorbs foreign impurities, leaving only water .The most accessible of these substances is an ordinary activated carbon.However, it will need quite a bit: select the rate of three to one with respect to the existing volume of oil .All this is put in a sealed container and shake vigorously for a long time.The end of the process you will be able to evaluate visually.If necessary, change the dishes a few times, as part of the oil will inevitably remain on the walls.You may need several cycles of loading agent.But the output you get clean water without any impurities.
Finally, you can do very easily.Take a long rubber tube.One end should be dipped in a container of water and oil (for convenience, it can be fixed with adhesive tape), the other - in a bowl, located half a meter below the container.Note: the upper end of the tube should be at the very bottom of the filled container.Be prepared to provide two containers: for oil, and for the intermediate substance.Then everything is approximately the same as in the process of draining fuel from the fuel tank.Air is sucked from the lower end of the tube and drop it in a pre-prepared dishes.Immediately begin to merge water.The process should be carefully monitored, and when the water flows out from the top of almost all the dishes, quickly transfer tube in the tank for the intermediate substance.Having waited until the oil pour out of the tube, substitute dishes, designed for oil .If done quickly and correctly, the amount of the intermediate substance is very small, and the water and oil, as required, will spilled into two different containers.