Loupe or biconvex lens that is able to increase the angle of view on certain subjects.Its action may be determined by the following formula: K = initial D / F. magnifier focusing distance usually is 1-10 centimeters.
more difficult arranged device - a camera, with which you can capture, play back and store the desired image on the photographic film, photographic paper or photographic plate.Usually it consists of a lens and the main camera.The lens is placed in the first, able to play on the main unit opposite and a thumbnail image of a specific subject.At the same time after the receipt of the required distance between the images imprinted object and the lens is greater than double the focus of the latter.It is impo
rtant save the image and function in the device with the help of a photographic plate or film, which is covered by a special photographic emulsion.
Ordinary attribute research laboratories - a microscope that can show viewer is very small, not visible to the eye or close objects.Usually these are bacteria or cells.The principle of operation of the microscope is as follows: with the help of the first lens is created opposite the real image "title" of the object, then the second lens increases angle of view, like a magnifying glass.
Telescopes also belong to the category of optical devices.The name of the device is formed by two ancient Greek words that are translated as "far" and "look."Telescopes designed to observe the celestial bodies, remote objects and measurement of laser radiation, and there are several types of such devices - optical, radio telescopes, X-ray and gamma-ray telescopes.
first drawings of simple lens telescope discovered in the records of genius Leonardo da Vinci.But the historical information about the creator of the first device of this kind vary.According to some sources, this is Hans Lippersgey designed a telescope in 1608, on the other - the Dutch master on manufacturing of glasses Zacharias Janssen.The term "telescope" refers to activities Demisiani Giovanni, who proposed the term in 1611 for one of the devices that are used by Galileo, and which was first shown at a banquet at the Accademia dei Lincei.Galileo himself before used another term - Perspicillum.