Physical and chemical properties of carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide or carbon monoxide (CO) - gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless.Solid blue flame as hydrogen.Because of this, in 1776 its chemical mixed with hydrogen, when the first carbon monoxide obtained by heating zinc oxide with carbon.A molecule of this gas has a strong triple bond, similar to the nitrogen molecule.That's why found a similarity between them: melting and boiling points are virtually identical.A molecule of carbon monoxide has a high value of the ionization potential.

oxides, carbon monoxide to form carbon dioxide.In this reaction, a large amount of thermal energy.That's why carbon monoxide is used in heating systems.

Carbon monoxide at low temperatures almost does not react with other substance
s in the case of high temperatures is not the case.Very quickly pass an addition reaction of various organic substances.A mixture of CO and oxygen in certain ratios highly dangerous due to the possibility of its explosion.

Getting carbon monoxide

Under laboratory conditions, carbon monoxide is produced by the decomposition of formic acid.It comes under the influence of hot concentrated sulfuric acid, or by passing it through a phosphorus oxide.Another way is that the mixture of formic acid and oxalic acid is heated to a certain temperature.The escaping CO can be removed from the mixture by passing it through a water barite (barium hydroxide saturated solution).

danger of carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is extremely dangerous to humans.It causes severe poisoning can often cause death.The fact is that carbon monoxide has the ability to react with hemoglobin in the blood, carrying out the transport of oxygen to all body cells.As a result of such reaction produces karbogemoglobin.Due to lack of oxygen starvation of the cells tested.

can distinguish the following symptoms of poisoning include nausea, vomiting, headache, loss of color vision, respiratory distress, and others.Man, poisoned by carbon monoxide, as soon as possible to provide first aid.First, it needs to get fresh air and to put to the nose cotton wool soaked in ammonia.Next, rub the chest of the victim and attach to his feet warmers.It is recommended to drink plenty of warm.It should be immediately after the detection of the symptoms call the doctor.