you need
  • Caliper
  • items to measure
  • Vice
Consider caliper.The most common of them consists of a rod with sponges.Sponges still.At the bar there millimeter scale.Its length is 150 mm.By moving the rod frame, her lips moving.On the movable jaw is supporting the scale length of 19 mm.It is divided into 10 equal parts, the distance between the markings 1, 9 mm.This convenience is called vernier scale.Before you check the accuracy of the caliper measurements, aligning the jaws.FFL main and additional scales should match, and the tenth of the scale bar more aligned with the main nineteenth stroke.
Caliper allows you to measure the depth of the hole and, for this purpose on the back of the bar there is depth.
Secure detail in a vise.If the grip is not, fix it in any other way, that it does not move, otherwise the measurement will be inaccurate.
To measure the external parameters sweep detail fixed and movable jaws.Lightly press the sponge to the details, not to cause mechanical damage and break caliper.Secure sponge retaining screws.
Look, with what division the main risk scale coincided first vernier.This division represents a whole number of millimeters details.Look at where the risks of both scales exactly in line the next time.Count on the vernier division.This number denotes the tenths of a millimeter, it is necessary to add on a whole number of millimeters.
internal parameters measured by another pair of jaws, which are inserted into the recesses.Counting is carried out in the same way.