What minerals are necessary plant

Most of all plant needs nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, other elements - to a lesser extent.If shortfall of at least one of the substances of plant life is broken, and an excess of one element can not replace the lack of another.

all inorganic ions have different functions in the life of the plant organism.Thus, nitrogen is needed for normal plant growth, phosphorus - for ripening, potassium - for downstream outflows (from the leaves to the roots) of organic substances.

mechanism of absorption of nutrients

algae and some aquatic plants absorb minerals throughout the body surface.In higher plants this function is performed by the root system: through root hairs in the plant receives water and salt.Suction root surface is increas
ed due to the large number of root hairs.

Each hair is covered with mucus and in close contact with the soil.This facilitates the absorption of water and dissolved nutrients.From hair fluid moves into neighboring cells of the root, then - in vessels, and further pressure rises, to other organs of the plant.

possible to control soil plant nutrition

plants to develop normally in the environment surrounding the roots, must contain all the necessary nutrients.Most often, such a medium is soil.

important quality of the soil - its fertility, ie,the ability to provide the plant with moisture and minerals, sufficient for his life.From the fertility of the soil depends largely on crop yields.

Since withholding crops from the soil "out" some amount of nutrients, flooring gradually depleted.Compensate for fertility can be achieved by introducing into the soil organic and mineral fertilizers.Organic fertilizers - a waste of animals (bird droppings, manure), and dead parts of living organisms (humus, peat).Fertilizers are potash, phosphate and nitrogen.Also used microfertilizer containing boron, zinc, copper, cobalt and other elements.

Depending on the plant species and its needs, fertilizers are applied at different times.For example, manure is better to make in advance, when the fall tillage, well before sowing.Mineral salts - directly before sowing, or concurrently with it, and feeding the plants during their growth.With timely and proper fertilization is possible to achieve high yield.