What is light?According

physics light inherently electromagnet, i.e. a mixture of a plurality of electromagnetic waves, which in turn are propagated in space variations of magnetic and electric fields.Man perceives light as a conscious visual sensation.And for a monochromatic (single) color of light determined by the frequency of light, and for the complex - its spectral composition.

«White Light»

White Light man sees when he looks at the sun, the sky, the bright lamps.That is, the light can be both natural and artificially created.Researchers have long studied this type of light and found some interesting circumstances.Another of the school course in physics many pe
ople know that the light can be decomposed into colored bands, called spectrum.To do this in the way the sun's rays to deliver a special glass prism, which is the output converts a colorless beam into a plurality of different color.

That is, if the original front man was one ray of sunshine, after the conversion it was divided into seven spectral colors, familiar to many of the nursery rhymes about a rainbow."Every hunter wants to know ...".

These seven colors and underlying white light.Since visible light is actually electromagnetic wave obtained after converting the beam color bars - it is also electromagnetic waves, but brand new.White is the strongest of all colors visible to a person, as opposed to black, which is obtained with an absolute absence of luminous flux at a given location.That is, if the white light comes from the sum of all colors, besproglyadnoy darkness of any color at all.

experiment Newton

first person to scientifically prove the division of the beam of white light into seven basic colors, was Isaac Newton.He had an experience that is as follows.Towards a narrow beam of sunlight that penetrated the dark room through a hole in window shutters, Newton put the triangular prism.Passing through the glass, the beam is refracted and given on the opposite wall of the elongated image with alternating rainbow colors, which Newton counted seven.Later, the seven colors of the spectrum have been named.And the process of dividing the light beam became known as dispersion.

phenomenon of dispersion was the first step to understanding the basis and nature of color.Depth understanding of the dispersion came after it was found out on the frequency dependence of the color (or length) of the light wave.