Today, buyers rarely seen silver jewelry with the stigma of 916 samples, large spread, despite the similarity of characteristics, received Silver Alloy 925 916 tests, formerly very popular a few decades ago, gradually gone by the wayside, it was supplanted by othermetals and samples.

silver plates in

lowest test in silver - 712-I.This alloy, which has no more than 72% of silver and has a yellowish tint.

Detect silver of the sample can often be in the household utensils such as cutlery and gift sets drinking.Alloy 916 is a sample of the composition of 91.6 percent silver and the rest - it's copper.The resulting material has a high melting and anti-corrosion properties, is white in color and may be used for the manufacture of household items, as well as to create a subtl
e beauty of the jewelry the most sophisticated forms.

not profitable metal

Silver of the sample relatively inexpensive, budget material, its price is ten times cheaper than the cost of precious metals like gold or platinum, this is due to sufficiently low price purchases, which actually do not change over time.That is why the sale and production of the metal is not considered to be very competitive.Despite this, cutlery, often with decorative character, decorated with exquisite inlaid patterns and inscriptions and engravings, not only did not lose, but rather, on the contrary, are growing in price and becoming more and more popular.This is due to the increase in price is not the material used and the skill, finesse and subtlety which undertook the work for the cause of the master jeweler.

physical characteristics of metal

Jewellery made of silver 916 samples do not possess magnetic properties and are resistant to abrasion, for years maintaining its beauty and attractiveness.Keep in mind that silver is soft enough, and at the same time a solid metal prone to deformation when using strong pressure.
Silver on chemical and physical properties superior to gold.This metal has a low reactivity, is not subject to the influence of alkali, it is durable and perfectly interfaces with other metals.

Currently in fashion made of silver 916 samples covered by a layer of a special enamel, buying such a product as a gift or for personal use should pay attention to the sample, crowning the product or its components, which can protect the buyer from substandardforgery.