first is to go to the city you are interested.The trip can give you a lot of fun;In addition, if you lived in this town before, for a long time, much could change.
Find businessmen who are interested in your company's services.Can you offer them a significant discount - for a new place need to start from scratch.It is important to enlist the support of several influential people - it will launch a "word of mouth", attracting to you customers.
Learn more about your competitors.They can not be underestimated - they are familiar with local realities, have extensive contacts and customer base
.Try to establish friendly relations with them - of course, they are unlikely to be looking forward to your endeavor, but even better than the neutrality of open confrontation.
find the potential of your branch manager.He must have knowledge of the local market - it allows you to not spend months or years at the start.If he is a native of the city, it will play to the benefit of your business - potential customers work effect "fraternities."
only with the hired leader representation you need to look for a place in the office.His knowledge of the city will help select the most appropriate area.The task of selecting personnel are best addressed together, too: so you will be able to evaluate his skills and at the same time to show your confidence.
important step is to draw up regulations and rules for transmitting statements.Using the corporate CRM can streamline tasking.In addition, you can influence the customer service from the main office in the normal mode.