you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - line.
Note that these drawings in every country there are special conditional graphical notation.At the same time in different countries apply different standards.In our country has its own system of notation, and you need to use when drawing diagrams.
Wiring diagrams build on sheets of graph paper or plaid.This can also be done on the drawing board.To get rid of later razlinovki on a sheet, ready to scan chart and then save the file using a graphical editor such as MtPaint, clean lines.This scheme will be sharper.
There are special stencils that can be used to significantly simplify the process of creating electrical circuits.These stencils are used specialists are constantly dealing with these schemes.Sten
cil much faster creation schemes and also helps to improve the quality of the finished drawing.Note, however, that work with such stencils can be solely a mechanical pencil.It is most convenient to draw a diagram of a pencil with a rod with a diameter of 0.5 mm.
Many professionals use to create electronic circuits of computer graphics editors.In this way you can get the job done faster and better.And in order to best automate their own work, before drawing the circuit, create a special library of relevant in the process of constructing the circuit symbols.Its use significantly simplify the creation of circuit.
You can also prepare further and a mathematical model of the electronic circuit.For this work is suitable, for example, the program MicroCAP.However, such a scheme will be carried out not by national standards, moreover, it is quite difficult to read.
Carefully follow the numbering of all the elements of the circuit and be sure to check out all the details after the construction drawing.