physical resistance value

resistance of the chain is determined by the ratio of Ohm's law for subcircuit.Ohm's Law determines the resistance of the cell against the voltage applied thereto to force the current passing through the element.But in this way is determined by the resistance of the linear portion of the chain, that is the site through which the current is linearly dependent on the voltage across it.If the resistance varies depending on the value of the voltage (and current, respectively), the resistance is called the differential and is determined by the derivative of voltage-current.

scheme of the chain

current in the circuit by a moving charged particles that are most often the electrons.The more space to move the electrons are, the greater is the conductivity.Imagine that the circuit path is not one member but of several connected in paralle
l with each other.Conduction electrons moving on the electric circuit portion and approaching a parallel-connected elements, is divided into several parts.Each component passes through one portion of the branches forming it own current.Thus, increasing the number of paralleled conductors reduces impedance plot allowing additional paths for electrons to move.

the resistor

physical nature of the effect of the resistance in the case of resistive elements based on the collision of charged particles with ions of the crystal lattice of the conductor material.The more collisions, the greater the resistance.Consequently, resistance of the circuit formed by the resistive element depends on its geometrical parameters.In particular, increasing the length of the conductor leads to the fact that a smaller part of electrons moving through a conductor, it has time to reach the opposite pole, which leads to a decrease in resistance.On the other hand, increasing the cross-sectional area of ​​the conductor provides more space for movement of conduction electrons and can reduce the resistance value.

resistance capacitance and inductance

In case of consideration of the chain, is capacitive and inductive elements, is an important influence of the frequency parameters.As is known, the capacitor does not conduct direct electric current, however, if an alternating current, the resistance of the capacitor is quite specific.The same applies to the inductive circuit elements.If the dependence of the resistance of the capacitor is inversely proportional to the frequency of the current, then the same function at the inductor is linear.