For example, scientists have learned how to more accurately determine the age of the bones of primitive people and the result was amazing.Age Cro-Magnons (near modern people) - 92-110 thousand. Years, the Neanderthals, who are closer in appearance to the monkey - a total of 40 thousand. Years.And that's not all.Age of Australopithecus, who could hardly stand on their feet - 2 million years. Erectus and more advanced orriona - 6 billion. Years.Age of another humanoid Sahelanthropus erectus ("Sahel man") - 7 million. Years.

turns out, the farther into the past, the more similar to modern man?It's more like not evolution, and regression.

Another crack in the theory of evolution - deprivation of monkey hair.Pe

rhaps baldness was to avoid overheating, but this version is controversial.Firstly, wool and protects against overheating.Secondly, in the tropics at night, too cold, so that the hair does not hurt.

But the mammals that live in the water, hairless.They do not need the hair, becauseat landfall, they long to dry, leading to hypothermia.We can therefore assume that the man began his career as an aquatic mammal.In favor of this version and other facts.

This person is different from the "talk" to other mammals.Growling, meowing, etc.take place at the entrance, and a man talking on the exhale.By the way, as well as aquatic mammals such as dolphins and whales.And all because of that talk in the water it is impossible to breathe, simply zahlebnёshsya.

People have lips that no other land mammals, but they are useful for water, becausemouth tightly closed and protected from ingress of water.

device teeth and distinguishes us from the animals, the lower jaw they have a diastema - a blank space, which includes canine upper jaw, locking his mouth.With your mouth closed animals can not chew, and a person can.It would be convenient for water.

fat deposition in terrestrial animals occurs in the gland, to the bowels, whereas in humans and aquatic mammals - under the skin.

This is not an exhaustive list of facts, speaking insolvency of Darwin's theory.