Tip 1: How to distinguish methanol from ethanol

Externally methanol (industrial alcohol) is very similar to ethanol.It has about the same density and refractive index (ability to refract the sun's rays).It has the same scent and color.Under laboratory conditions, to distinguish methanol from ethanol will not be there anymore.At home, make it more difficult.However, there are several ways to distinguish ethanol from methyl and without sophisticated equipment.
you need
  • - metal container (cup, Turks, etc.),
  • - copper wire,
  • - gas burner (suitable household gas stove),
  • - thermometer,
  • -transparent containers (glass),
  • - potassium permanganate.
first method.
Place a metal container with the test fluid to a burning gas burner (stove).
thermometer Measure the temperature at which the liquid begins to boil.Methanol boils at about 64oS, ethanol - about 78 ° C.
second method.
Twist of small copper wire coil.It is necessary to increase the contact surface between the copper and the test fluid.
copper wire red-hot-hot, but better - to black: this is the degree of intensity, when the surface of the wire will begin to form copper oxide.
Dip the hot wire in the prepared container of test fluid.
Smell: if there is some flavor of rotten apples - is ethanol.If there was a sharp, unpleasant smell and irritate - a methanol .
The third way.
Pour test liquid into a transparent container.
Add the test liquid a little potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate).
If liquid gas bubbles appeared - it methanol .If no bubbles and smell of vinegar - is ethanol.

Tip 2: How to recognize

Ethanol Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol, and in common parlance - alcohol or alcohol, is a colorless, volatile liquid with a specific smell.Molecular formula - C2H5 (OH).
How to identify ethanol from other similar colorless liquids?
How to recognize ethanol
Firstly - the smell.We all know the characteristic odor of alcohol!Him with nothing to confuse.
Secondly - if you dare to taste, then immediately realize that this is alcohol.In the mouth feel burning taste of alcohol.
Third - you can try to set fire to the reliability of a drop of ethanol.Ethanol - a volatile, flammable, burning smokeless, not hot flame.
Ethanol - combustible material.The mixture of vapor with air is explosive.
Helpful Hint
Ethanol is used in medicine, chemical industry, food industry, in the composition of perfumes and cosmetics.It can be used as car and rocket fuel.
aroma of rotten apples exudes an aldehyde.A sharp, unpleasant smell - formaldehyde.It is extremely toxic: one can even go blind.

distinguish ethanol from methanol is possible only in the laboratory, if alcohol concentration and not mixed with each other.If the fluid is a "cocktail" of ethyl and methyl alcohol in a domestic environment, an accurate analysis practically impossible.Given that methanol is poisonous - it is better not to risk it.
Helpful Hint
distinguish ethanol from methanol can be even with the help of iodoformnoy reaction by mixing iodine, lye (sodium hydroxide), ethyl alcohol and heated to 50 ° C water drops yellow precipitate - iodoform.Methanol such reaction does not.

bubbles released during the reaction of methanol with potassium permanganate - is carbon dioxide.And in the oxidation of ethanol, potassium permanganate, discharge gas is not - acetic acid is formed.This is used in the purification of ethanol from the impurities of methyl alcohol.
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