Tip 1: As the scientists propose to deal with hurricanes

Hurricane - a seasonal natural phenomenon that arises over relatively warm water surface of oceans and seas.It is accompanied by gale force winds and a large amount of precipitation.Properly called the phenomenon of a tropical cyclone as it always occurs at a distance of not more than five hundred kilometers from the earth's equator.

tropical cyclone lasts from several days to several weeks and is a particular danger island states, although it can leave the surface of the continents and at a distance of 40 kilometers.Over the past two hundred years from hurricanes, which in Asia and the Far East are called typhoons killed nearly two million people.

Scientists are developing a variety of ways to deal with this kind of cyclones increased danger, but the real success is not achieved.Now there is not even necessary for an accurate understanding of the origin of the hurricane combination of temperature of different layers of the water surface and atmospheric pressure over the ocean.Therefore, the vast
majority of the proposed methods aimed at the destruction or weakening of the already formed tropical cyclones.For example, Israeli researchers suggest undermine the funnel in the center of the storm - the "eye" - the vacuum bomb.But experts from the University of Massachusetts in the United States believe that the fight against typhoons can use black.Microscopic particles of soot, which is soot, absorb water.However, the resulting droplets are too small to overcome the upward velocity in hurricane and fall down as rain.Therefore, they rise up and play the role of a heat exchanger, equalizing a temperature difference between the lower and upper regions of the cyclone.This should lead to a weakening of the speed of the vortex flow - storm will lose its power and quickly collapse.

The conference, held in the Italian city of Trieste, a group of scientists led by Daniel Rosenfeld demonstrated a computer model of the impact.The basis they took the most destructive hurricane in US history, "Katrina", the summer of 2005 struck the four states of the country.The computer model showed that as a result of dropping into the upper cloud of soot charge of a tropical cyclone hurricane had to change direction and the wind speed was greatly reduced.

Tip 2: How scientists have come up with to deal with hurricanes

Every year a lot of areas exposed to the ravages of hurricanes.The damage caused by the most powerful of which is, at times, up to several tens of billions of dollars.Scientists have long wondered how it is possible to influence the power of the storm, reducing, thus, the figures amounts of economic damage and the number of lives that have become its victims.
As scientists have come up with to deal with hurricanes

most destructive and powerful hurricanes, Originating in the ocean, raining down on the densely populated areas of the east coast of America, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific.In calculating the damage caused by them, taking into account not only the cost of the destroyed buildings, damaged infrastructure and transport, but also losses from the closed restaurants, shops and canceled flights.Huge sums spent any time in the repair of damage, forced scientists to think about how to minimize the damage and number of casualties.

British scientists, meteorologists from the University of Lida offered their methodology, which will weaken the powerful typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones, periodically raging in tropical areas of the planet.The results of their research in the summer of 2012 have been published in popular scientific journal Atmospheric Science Letters.

It is known that a hurricane is due to the formation of a large amount of energy the evaporation of water from the ocean surface, which heats the upper layers resulting in intense sunlight.We studied the experiments conducted and analyzed the impact on the power and destructive potential of the nascent hurricane has directly the temperature of the upper layers of water.It turned out that the force of the hurricane is directly dependent on it.

Authors of scientific work of the research, concluded that reducing the temperature of the water can be achieved and reduce the power of the hurricane.They offered an elegant and simple solution to this problem: artificially created over the surface of the ocean clouds reflect the sun's rays and cool the thickness of ocean water, not allowing, thus, a typhoon or hurricane dispersed to the critical speeds.

In his work, meteorologists used the experience of the application of technology Marine Cloud Brightening («lightening sea of ​​clouds").In this process involves small vessels, on board which are sprayed over the ocean, tiny particles of water.Using a special chemical composition, this technology can create artificial clouds and in areas where there is strong formation of cyclones and storms.There are only three - in the North Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and the South West Pacific.

Manufactured by scientists calculations showed that if we measure the power of a hurricane on the five-point scale, the proposed method can reduce it by one notch.This can be achieved only by lowering the temperature of the ocean surface by several degrees.