Types acids

are two types of acids: organic and inorganic, the difference between them is that the former always contain carbon molecules.
organic acids enter the body with berries, vegetables, fruits and dairy products.Some acids are vitamins, such as vitamin C - ascorbic acid.

Inorganic acids can also come from food, but they can also be produced by the body.Hydrochloric acid present in the gastric juice, under the action of the bacteria are killed, into the stomach with food.Hydrogen sulphide contained in the mineral water.

Application acids

Sulfuric acid has been ranked among the acids.It is in large quantities used for the
production of fertilizers, chemical fibers, plastics, pharmaceuticals.She is filled with acid batteries, used for the extraction of metals from ore.In the oil industry it is used for cleaning the oil.

Acetic acid has bactericidal action and its solution is used in food preservation, for the drugs in the production of acetone in the dyeing and publishing.

Hydrochloric acid is used for the processing areas of wells in the oil industry.

Nitric acid plays an important role in the production of fertilizers, paints, dyes, plastics, explosives and drugs.

Phosphoric acid is part of cleaning agents for metal materials before their application to the protective compounds.It is included in substances to convert rust before applying the paint, and is used as corrosion protection of pipelines.

Citric acid is used in creating cosmetic products, as a preservative, and diluent.Due to its properties bleach, clean and astringent, it is part of the cleansing creams, hair rinses, creams of pigmentation, hair dyes.

Aspirin is effective in the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system, reduces the formation of blood clots, analgesic effect, so heavily used in medicine.

Boric acid is also used in medicine due to its antiseptic properties.It is used in lice (pediculosis), for the treatment of otitis media, conjunctivitis, inflammation of the skin.

stearic acid is used in soap making.Adding it to the soap ensures that the product will make your skin smooth, soft and has a calming effect.