device digestive system reptiles

the structure of food processing affect lifestyle characteristics of animals, nutrition, environment.The digestive system in reptiles has a great similarity with the class of amphibians, small difference lies only in the oral device.Teeth allowing extraction firmly hold crocodiles, lizards differ gomodontnoy tooth system, which means that they all have the same shape unlike geterodontnyh mammals.

Noteworthy delimitation throat from oral language and structure of the reptiles.All reptiles it moving, and at the end there is a split.

reptiles Esophagus long, due to their large neck.This body is delimited by the throat and stomach, with strong muscular walls.The intestine is very well developed, it opens the ducts of the liver and duodenu
m.Depending on the temperature of the body of these animals (as it affects the environment) the length of the digestive process can be from several hours to several days.

Features of the digestive system

Modern reptiles mainly eat small ground animals.Reptiles with a dedicated power is relatively small, due to the position of the class in the biocenosis.In some cases the ground lizards, snakes, turtles and water are used as food plants.

Many reptile jaws grab the food - it is promoted by numerous sharp teeth.Snakes, other than the same type, well developed fangs.Crocodiles can tear off small pieces of food.Most reptiles swallow their prey whole.It facilitates swallowing the secret of the salivary glands.

optimum action of digestive processes in snakes and lizards occurs only at a sufficient temperature.It is slightly higher than in amphibians, is largely dependent on the environment.Slowing down the digestive process can cause poisoning and death of the animal.Therefore, reptiles well adapted to starvation.

the bowels is also associated with lifestyle features such animals.It contains a rudimentary cecum, it is better developed in herbivorous species.It means adapting to the type of digestion reptile food.The ducts of the liver, pancreas, helping to digest food better.The intestine ends cloaca.

Some reptiles are able to withstand without food for up to two years is testament to their ability to adapt to the environment of existence.