Caring parents

Hornets - large social wasps of the subfamily are caring parents.Like many other wasps, they build paper nests, as a building material using their powerful jaws crushed wood, which they moistened with saliva, then it becomes sticky, and out of the housing can be formed.Paper design hornets found in the hollows and on the branches of trees, and in the nooks in human homes - under the roofs and attics.The nest queen lays eggs from which larvae emerge later.Family Hornets awaiting their appearance, was on duty far from the nest, and during the intense heat cooling the strokes of his own wings.

Hungry chicks are able to attract the attention of parents squeak.Similarly enter the hornet larvae, making clicking sounds jaws.

born offspring to feed.The larvae of the hornet eating ani
mal food.This forces these peaceful wasps turns into a predator.Hornets sent to hunt flies, honeybees and other insects.His powerful jaws they tear off the victim's head, wings and limbs and chest and abdomen grind.The resulting mush they are home, where, if the parent birds, put food in the mouths of their hungry offspring.

Attacks on people

Japan annually from the bites of hornets killed about forty people.

Cases hornet attacks on humans.Meeting with such a foe more dangerous than a bee that bites once and lose its sting.Hornet is able to attack the enemy several times as long as it does not end poison.It should be noted that the Hornets do not attack without provocation.As a rule, from the people they protect your home or food.If you have disturbed a nest, do not expect mercy.These insects are able to pursue their prey.Stings Hornets extremely painful and often cause anaphylactic shock.Also, they are very dangerous for children, whose bodies are difficult to cope with so many toxins.

Hornet vegetarian

For hornet entrenched notoriety among predator insects, and very few people know that an adult "winged Corsair" is a vegetarian.The basis of his diet of flower nectar, juices ash and lime, pulp of ripe fruit.Often, the hornets fly to the people visiting that they can eat sugared jam or honey.