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In joules easily transfer the unit of work and energy, adopted in the GHS - erg.It is sufficient to multiply the number of ergs of 10 to the minus seven degrees.For example 500 ergs can be represented as 500 x 0.0000001 = 0.00005 J.
also joules translates the data given in electron volts (eV) - Common Units of energy.However, the result will be inaccurate and rough.One eV is approximately 1.6 to minus 10 degrees nineteenth George. So, 180,000 eV can be converted to joules follows: 180,000 x 1.6 x 10 to the minus nineteenth degree = 288 x 10 to the minus degree J. thirteenth.
In addition, joules can translate work or energy as a unit which has bee
n selected kilowatt-hour (kWh).To do this, the number of kilowatt-hours you need to multiply by 3600000. For example, 0.04 kWh = 144000 J = 144 kilojoules (kJ).The result of such a transfer would not be rough and absolutely accurate.
Another Common Units, easily transforms into joules , is calories (cal).To do this, the number of calories to be multiplied by 4.1868.For example, 815 calories = 815 x 4.1868 = 3412.242 J. There is also a special unit - the thermochemical calorie.A thermochemical calorie is 4.1840 J. Therefore, 23 thermochemical calories = 23 x 4.1840 = 96.232 J.
In joules also can convert a number of units used in the British system of measurement.For example, one British thermal units (BTU, BTU) is approximately 1055.056 John. So, BTU = 0.2 x 0.2 = 211.0112 J. 1055.056. Bring joules these and other units, you can useany of the plurality of line converters.