Starch - the substance is very feature-rich.Because it is possible to prepare the paste, it is possible to make the viscous substance for cooking, it is possible to make a solution with which to impart a certain rigidity clothing.But there is one more product in the food industry, which can be obtained from starch .This glucose.
How to get
We are all accustomed to, that glucose is found in sweet fruits such as grapes and honey.And glucose can be extracted from starch .The first such production has been established during the war of England against Napoleon.Then, many European countries have been cut off from the sugar-producing countries, and it was like something out of the situation.Today, glucose is produced in the form of a syrup or solid, which we all know under the guise of vitamins.
How to get
Glucose is often called grape sugar.And you can get it through the hydrolysis of starch .To do this, use two industrial process for producing glucose from starch .This partial acid hydrolysis, and acid hydrolysis followed by fermentation.
To get glucose from starch , you need to heat it with the addition of dilute sulfuric acid.Its excess is neutralized with chalk in the industry.Next, the precipitate of calcium sulphate, which formed as a result of such heating, it is necessary to filter and run on to obtain a solution.It was evaporated and this procedure was prepared by glucose .But if hydrolysis does not bring to the end, a mixture of dextrin with glucose.And this so-called molasses, which is successfully used in the food industry.
How to get
A in the human body is a natural production of glucose from starch .Starch with sucrose - one of the main suppliers of carbohydrates.In the body the starch passes through the process of hydrolysis by enzymes.And from then on glucose oxidation in the cells to carbon dioxide and water, providing that energy, which is necessary for the functioning of the whole organism.