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Due quake on the ocean floor changes begin to occur, as a part of the bottom starts to rise, and the remainder is omitted.This all leads to the movement of the water that reaches the surface, when the whole weight of trying to return to its original state, the formation of huge waves.

if tremors occur in the open ocean, the height of the waves were born there very rarely exceeds the figure of 1 meter, it is believed that the deep oceanic earthquakes are not afraid to shipping, as waves have a greater width between ridges.

when crustal movement happens closer to the shore, the wave velocity decreases and its height, on the contrary, increased, and can sometimes grow to 30 or 40 meters.It is these massive water column and descend to the shore, and that they are called t

Causes birth wave

As mentioned above, underwater earthquake - this is one of the most common causes of the huge waves.It accounts for 85% of all tsunamis, but scientists say that not all of the tremors in the ocean provoke the birth of the high waves.For example, about 7% of enormous waves formed due to landslides.For example, you can bring a case that took place in Alaska: there is happened a landslide that from a height of 1,100 meters hit the water and thus appearance provoked a tsunami with a wave of more than 500 meters.Of course, such cases are very rare, because most landslides under water in river deltas, and they do not carry the risk.

One of the causes of the tsunami - a volcanic eruption, it accounts for up to 4.99% tsunami.Such an eruption under water like a normal earthquake.However, the mechanism and the effect of the movement of the cortex are fundamentally different.If there is a strong volcanic eruption, formed from it is not only a tsunami, during the eruption of the cavity is filled with lava dusted rock with water, formed after the eruption of an underwater depression, or so-called underwater lake.The eruption is born very long waves.An example of relatively recent birth of this type of waves - a volcanic eruption of Krakatoa.

cause of tsunami generation may become meteorites, or rather their falling into the ocean, but such cases are very rare.In each of the above cases, the formation of a tsunami nearly a similar pattern: the water moves vertically, and then returns to its original position.