There is every reason to believe that life itself originated in the aquatic environment.Several billion years ago from a cloud of gas and dust, and eventually thicken and condense, forming our planet.And it has been a substance.Perhaps he was an icy dust.This is confirmed by several studies.It found that the main constituents are water, hydrogen, oxygen.They are among the most common elements of the cosmos.
Water - is the real creator of all living things, one of the main "building materials."This colorless liquid is divided into three types: fresh, salty brines.It is the only substance that can be naturally occurring in the 3 states of aggregation - solid, liquid and gaseous.It has features that are important for processes such as, f
or example, the formation of the planet's climate and topography.
Water mobile and involved in the circulation of substances traveling great distances.It can evaporate from the surface of the oceans, seas, rivers and reservoirs.About 1/3 of the energy that the planet receives from the sun is used to evaporate the water.
Thus the resulting steam is collected in the upper atmosphere to the cloud.It is carried by the wind, and then in the form of snow or rain falls on the earth's surface.These rainfall seeps into the soil and form underground and ground water.They come to the surface and flow into streams and rivers that carry them back into the oceans and seas.
It plays a very important role in the life of the human body, flora and fauna.Viability of live cells due to the presence of water.If we consider it important to humans, it can be said that our body is made up of aqueous solutions, suspensions, colloids.This material delivers the cells nutrients - mineral salts and vitamins.In addition, it takes all kinds of toxins and wastes.The person needs about 1.5 liters of water per day.
Water still remains uncharted in nature.Chemical compound - H2O - seemingly simple item, but there is no substance more mysterious and enigmatic than just a colorless liquid.