Aldehydes and ketones similar in structure, however, ketones, aldehydes, unlike have two substituents.The aldehydes are more active, which is related to the properties of the substance longer polarize the chemical bonds.


The simplest example of an aldehyde - acetic.Chemists have received this substance, oxidizing the usual alcohol mixture of sulfuric acid and peroxide of manganese dvuhromovokalievoy salt.For a long time the aldehyde called light ether oxygen.The scientist Liebig first gave him a new name, reducing the word "alcohol" and "obezvodorozhenny» - Alcohol and dehydrogeniatus - Aldehyd.

aldehyde - a colorless liquid with a pungent and suffocating odor.

Thanks to its property up oxygen, an aldehyde can be converted to acetic acid, which then began to be used for the preservation of meat and many other foods.

aldehyde used in the manufacture of green and purple of aniline dyes, successfully used in the aromatic industry and even in the creation of fruit essences.

In 1921, personal perfumer Coco Chanel first used aldehyde, when he worked on the creation of the world famous perfume Chanel â„– 5.

aldehydes are also widely used in the manufacture of various resins, plates, foam, moisture-resistant paper and cardboard.Also in mechanical engineering for the production of electrical products, varnishes and adhesives.Formaldehyde is applicable in the pharmaceutical industry and to create explosives.


most famous type of ketone - acetone.It was opened in 1661 by Robert Boyle, and comes from the Latin term acetum - vinegar.

Ketones - toxic volatile liquids and low melting solids.They can be absorbed through the skin and irritate.Some ketones have a narcotic effect.

Substances in this group are involved in the metabolism of living organisms.Compounds containing in its structure ketones include monosaccharides (e.g., fructose), essential oils (camphor), natural dyes (indigo), steroid hormones (progesterone), antibiotics (tetracycline).

Application ketones produced naturally insignificant.Perhaps the single most important - is acetone.In industry, the ketones are used as solvents in the composition polymers and pharmacology.

presence of acetone in the urine and blood of human metabolic disorders.