It is thanks to all the researchers electrostatics began studying electric current.However, at the moment it is shown that static electricity has a negative impact on human health.The essence of the phenomenon lies in the accumulation of free electric charge on the surface of the so-called insulators - materials that are not conducting electricity.This occurs because of the different molecular forces between the two contacting objects, whereby electrons move from one dielectric to another.
prevent the accumulation of static electricity on clothes (bringing her stick dust and animal dander) may be using a special anti-static sprays.Cured them on both sides of the fabric for a long time will not accumulate a static charge.In addition, you can regularly wipe the sur
face of the clothes of cotton cloth, which collects excess static.Remember that static buildup tends clothing made of synthetic materials and items of clothing made from natural fabrics such problems deprived.
on the principal amount of the human body static electricity builds up in the hair combing and wearing hats.Lower voltage will allow moisturizing hair before combing with plain water, and the use of moisturizing balms.To avoid electric shock when you touch metal objects, try to pick up a bunch of keys and touch them grounded surfaces, such as radiators.
most dangerous accumulation of static in the car.Static charge is quite able to ignite petrol fumes, so you should give serious consideration to getting rid of the car from static electricity.Treat seat anti-static spray, do not use covers made of synthetics - this will prevent the accumulation of charge on your body.In order to discharge from the body of the car, you can use all the well-known anti-static strip, which connects the car body to the ground.Please note that the car carrying flammable loads necessarily equipped with such items as a rule chains.
To get rid of the charged atmosphere in an apartment or office, use a humidifier or at least set up the tank with water as moisture plays a significant role in the emergence of electricity.