Silver is a soft metal plastic white in thin films and transmitted light - with a blue tint.In nature, it is represented as a mixture of two stable isotopes.Silver has the highest thermal conductivity and electric conductivity, and the impurity therein degrade data performance.
Silver - the most common precious metal, it is found in medium- and low-temperature hydrothermal deposits, sometimes it can be found in the deposits and sedimentary rocks.
are more than 60 minerals containing silver.They were divided into 6 groups: native silver and its alloys with copper and gold halides, sulfates, selenides and tellurides, sulfates, sulfides, complex or thiosalts, arsenides and antimonides.
have a face-centered cubic lattice of silver, it is diamagn
etic, and its magnetic susceptibility is independent of temperature.This metal is at the end of the electrochemical voltage series.
Of all the precious metals silver, the most reactive, but nevertheless, it is a little chemically active and easily displaced from their compounds.Molten alkali and organic acids does not act on the metallic silver.
In the compounds is a monovalent, at room temperature, is dissolved in nitric acid, resulting in a silver nitrate.The concentrated hot sulfuric acid dissolves the metal to form sulfate.
Silver does not react with hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen at normal temperatures.Under the action of sulfur and halogen in its surface a protective film of sulfide and halides.
Most of the mined silver is extracted from ores.To obtain gold and silver from ores cyanidation method is used - the metal is dissolved in an alkaline solution of sodium cyanide under air and then reduced with aluminum or zinc.
alloys of silver with copper, zinc, gold and other metals are used for making contacts, conductive layers, solder and various devices in electronics and electrical engineering.Silver makes batteries for high energy batteries, which are used in aerospace and defense industry.
Thanks to its compliance with the treatment and the beautiful white color of silver is widely used in art and jewelry industry.In pure form it is a rather soft material, so it adds various nonferrous metals, usually copper.