Scientists have found that some of the colors are perceived by women are less bright than they really are.For example, if a man and woman look at orange, the representative of the fairer sex, he will seem "less red".But at the same time, the yellow and green shades clearer women see men.Overall, researchers concluded that women are more receptive to shades of green, yellow and blue.That is why, for example, the choice of paint color for the walls is better to trust a woman.
According to the researchers, the differences in the perception of colors for men and women is not explained by the different structure of the eye.Most probably, under the influence of the male hormone testosterone in a different brain processes the signals received from the organs of vision.
found that women distinguish more shades than men.The reason for this increased sensitivity due to the fact that the eyes of women contain more cells, which are responsible for the perception of colors.That is why men often indifferent to the colors and shades, and are surprised when women buy for themselves many things seemed to be the same color.
example, girls in red are distinguished crimson, crimson, purple and many other colors, but men only seen red, without halftones.In addition, the fair sex is well developed night vision and dark women see quite a lot of detail, although at close range.
Scientists believe that women have a special gene responsible for recognition is red and located on one of the two female X chromosomes.In men, this chromosome is only one, which is why it is much harder to recognize and red shades of other colors.Thus, it is unlikely the fair sex have to worry about choosing a shade of lipstick for the first date.