in Asia one of the most dangerous insects, is the so-called bee-Tiger.In different countries it has different names, for example, in Japan it is called sparrow-bee, and in Russia - hornet.In our country this insect is found primarily in the Primorsky Territory.
Hornet Externally similar to a very large wasp, up to five centimeters, but distinguishes it monstrous aggression, long a thorn, used repeatedly, and powerful jaws.Yad literally eats away the flesh, but his main danger is that it contains a pheromone that attracts other hornets.According to statistics, from the bites of these insects die each year about fifty people.
no less dangerous, and may be the ants, however, mostly those who live on the territory o
f the modern USA.Fire ants, which were brought back from South America in the early twentieth century, have a strong poison that can cause serious harm to humans, especially when attacking en masse.
bullet ant is not so dangerous, but its bite is accompanied by severe pain during the day, which is comparable to the feelings of a gunshot wound.Often, these insects are attacking with a battle cry, which attracts the remaining brethren, are nearby.
South America even more rich in poisonous insects than the northern.Local residents are especially concerned bosom caterpillar that lives in these woods.Every year die from its poison to thirty people, and as many more are disabled.Yad womb causes kidney failure, destruction of red blood cells and tissues.In some cases, possible brain hemorrhage.
spiders themselves are not insects, but their habitat is the same as the poison is so strong that to forget them in any case not worth it.One of the most poisonous spiders in the world, besides occurring in the territory of Russia, is called the "black widow".Such a nickname he is obliged by the fact that the female after mating often eat their partners.They are the most dangerous to humans - if you do not seek medical care, death occurs after the bite a couple of days.
Even more poisonous spider, which due to its dubious reputation was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, is a Brazilian wandering spider.When the bite of this spider should immediately seek medical help, otherwise come paralysis and difficulty breathing, which can lead to death.