There are many signs that help you to determine the weather for the next day: it is the presence and nature of clouds, temperature changes during the day and a mismatch right daily run, a change in atmospheric pressure, and even behavioranimals and birds.The set of all signs give a complete picture of the future, about what kind of weather is expected tomorrow.
Signs of an approaching electrical storm

In the morning hours of the day there is a sharp formation of cumulus clouds during the day and continued weight gain while warming.The pressure at this moment is unstable or gradually falls.In this case, prepare for a thunderstorm in the afternoon.

floating in the sky clouds in the form of long and narrow pyramids portend a short thunderstorm.The movement of clouds in the sky in the
form of huge boulders, with a dark bottom layer - the lingering storm signals.By evening, the air was warm and sultry, the sky clouded over solid clouds, wait a night storm.
Signs of improvement in the weather

Indicators barometer grow up.In summer when weather changes the temperature is lowered.In the evening hours in the western sky cloudless gaps appear.If the sky brightens and fades rapidly wind, the improvement in the weather will not last long.

stable weather for days kept high atmospheric pressure or a sharp increase after bad weather.Cloudless sky is clear, only in the morning in spring, summer or fall, you can see the cumulus or cirrus clouds, but in the evening you will not notice the sky is cloudless.The temperature is usually kept on the right course of daily according to the season: in the summer - warm in the afternoon, and at night the temperature drops and gets cool;winter - at night under a clear sky felt frost and cold day markedly diminished.If there is a light afternoon breeze, the night the wind gradually subsides and stops completely.

near the forest in the daytime there is a movement of the wind from the forest.In the evening and during the night the wind changes direction toward the woods.Sometimes in the evenings in the lowland mist appears and lasts all night, but with the first rays of the sun dissipates the mist.Morning and evening glow of a beautiful golden color with pinkish highlights.
clear signs of change in the weather will be foul weather

reduced pressure atmosphere - warns us about bad weather.For the temperature characteristic of the temperature increase in winter and summer cold snap, with the difference between day and night temperature values ​​decreases.Sometimes, in the evening hours as compared with fluorescent indicators, temperature rises.

Indications wind speeds at different times of the day is always changing.Wind can weaken and eventually die down.Increased wind while falling pressure heralds the approach of the cyclone.Without changing the direction of the wind calms down dramatically - a sign of rapid changes in wind direction.On the western side of the sky begin to form clouds.A large cluster of feathery highly stratified and Nimbostratus warns of the changing weather conditions.There is a movement of the clouds at high speed - it heralds the passage of the cyclone with long warm drizzling rainfall.

Swift describes the approach of the cyclone cluster of cirrus clouds in the form of fans and moving to the west.By the end of a clear and warm day, in the evening the sky began to appear large colonies of clouds that gradually thicken and increase in volume.It is a sign of approaching inclement weather.

absence of dew on the grass and low creeping mist also warns that we can expect a sharp deterioration in the weather.Evening sun goes into the clouds, and sunsets painted in bright red color.In any case, no bad weather.