Despite their size, hummingbirds - a very strong and fast bird.The number of strokes of its wings, which makes it a small creature could reach up to 80 times per second.Their flight speed is 80 km / h, and in the mating season and they can develop 100 km / h.
Hummingbird - the only bird on the ground that can fly backwards, and horizontally up and down.They are able to hang in the air - at the moment of its wings move along the trajectory of eight.This is achieved thanks to their unique shape.According to the flight path of a bird resembles the movement of insects.Flying animal muscle is 20-30% by weight of the entire body.
In nature, there are about 350 different species of hummingbirds, which may differ in size and color.All these birds live mainly in th
e United States in a variety of climates, ranging from Alaska and ending rainforest.Their life expectancy - about 8 years.They can survive at fairly low temperatures, asThey have a lot of feathers.Moreover, during their migration in the colder regions they hold about 72% of their body weight in the form of fat.
hummingbirds feed on flower nectar and pollen.As a hen gathers pollen on its feathers, and therefore plays an important role in the reproduction of plants.Hummingbirds build nests, shaped like a bowl, the diameter of which does not exceed 3-5 cm. In these birds lay eggs, comparable in size to a pea.Sami nest made of cobwebs and small pieces of bark.They are hung on the twig shrub or tree selected.
Despite its size, hummingbirds are very brave and energetic.They are not afraid to attack even snakes and large birds, if they try to attack their nest.Due to their speed, they are able to protect their homes with a long beak - Bird arrow flies to the enemy, aiming at the nose or the eyes of the enemy.