you need
  • boat or raft
  • Rope
  • White and red thread
  • segment inch water pipe 20 cm long
  • Drill
  • needle
  • line 1 meter long
From one end of the tube, near the edge, drill a hole and fix it to the rope strong knot.Starting from this end of the rope, mark it as follows.After 0.5 m ask her white thread so as to form a noticeable mark.After a further 0.5 m rope sew red thread - it will be the penalty mark.So mark the entire rope.
Learn how to use the auction.You will need a boat or raft.Immerse lot flotation device and move to a place where you are going to measure.Prepare a lot reset.The free end of the rop
e tie to any element of the design of the boat, so you do not accidentally lose it.Place the rope so that she was lying free bay without forming knots or loops.
Start omit lot overboard, gradually corroding the rope.It should be etched smoothly, keeping constant tension, until the rope is completely weakened.This would mean that the goods (trumpet) lay on the ground.From that moment, start to measure.
Pull the rope until the moment when you start to feel resistance.That point of the rope, which is at the water surface, a depth mark.It can be noted knot or other method.After that, pull the lot and count the number of red knots meters deep, the white - the nearest half-meter mark.The distance from it to the point that was on the surface of the water, you can measure just ruler.