black hole called the area in space-time with a very high gravity, it can not leave even photons of light.Since this area has not produced anything outside, it can not be seen, the existence of a black hole can only be judged by its insertion disturbances in the surrounding area.Passing by some star, black hole, literally tearing it apart.This observation of such phenomena and allows scientists to determine the location of the black hole.

When you break the remnants of a star by a black hole of stellar matter are accelerated to high speeds, which results in different studies, including those recorded by radio telescopes.Scientists were able to analyze the light
from the flash star Swift J1644 + 57, recorded in March 2011.It was the most powerful of its kind outbreaks were registered.The primary reason for its appearance felt a flash of a supernova, but soon abandoned this assumption.The explosions of supernovas fade after a few days, whereas in this case the light went on for several months.It turned out to be a source of heated up to high temperatures the stellar matter absorbed by the black hole.

It was found that the radiation varies with a frequency of 200 seconds, it was explained rotation drawn stellar material around the black hole.Based on the characteristics of the radiation, the researchers were able to calculate the approximate mass of the black hole - from 450 thousand to 5 million solar masses.These figures are consistent with the supermassive black holes that are present in the center of most galaxies.Calculate the mass more accurately is impossible, since scientists have to rely on indirect indicators.

This is not the first time a black hole whose mass is able to calculate.So, in July 2012, researchers were able to calculate the mass of the black hole HLX-1, it was in the region of 9 to 90 thousand solar masses.

worth noting that the burst of radiation, resulting in the destruction of the star by a black hole, has a tremendous power and can be very dangerous.For example, the intensity of X-ray radiation from matter is sucked in by the black hole HLX-1 is greater than the intensity of solar radiation 260 million times.If the Earth gets into the central ray of the light, the life on our planet is completely stopped.