main characteristics of plutonium

There are 15 known isotopes of plutonium.The most important of them - Pu-239 with a half-life of 24,360 years.The specific mass of plutonium was 19.84 at 25 ° C.The metal begins to melt at a temperature 641oS, boils at 3232oS.Its valence is 3, 4, 5 or 6. In

silver group metal, and it becomes yellow when reacting with oxygen.Plutonium - chemical reactive metal and is easily dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric acid, a perchloric acid, a hydroiodic acid.When alpha decay metal releases heat energy.

Plutonium - open the second account of transuranic actinides.In nature, the metal can be detected in small amounts in ores Uranicheskuyu.

Interesting facts about plutonium

Plutonium is toxic and requires careful handling.Most fissionable isotope of plutonium was used as a
reactor in a nuclear weapon.In particular, it was used in the bomb that was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.

a radioactive poison that accumulates in the bone marrow.In the experiments on human beings in order to study plutonium have been several accidents, some fatal.It is important that the plutonium has not reached a critical mass.In aqueous solution the plutonium will form a critical mass, than in the solid state.

atomic number 94 means that all the atoms of plutonium has 94 protons.On the air at the surface of the metal oxide is formed plutonium.This oxide is pyrophoric, so the glow of plutonium will flicker as ash.

There are six allotropes of plutonium.The seventh form appears at high temperatures.

plutonium in aqueous solution changes color.On the metal surface there are various shades as its oxidation.The oxidation process is unstable, and the color of plutonium can suddenly change.

Unlike most materials, plutonium is compressed when melted.In the molten state, this element is more viscous than other metals.

metal used in radioactive isotope in thermoelectric generators, which operate spaceships.In medicine, it is used in the manufacture of pacemakers for the heart.

Inhalation of plutonium is dangerous to health.In some cases it can cause lung cancer.We inhaled plutonium metallic taste.