Volatile plant

Phytoncides are a kind of plant immunity - and in many cases the drug to humans.In general, the release of these two classes of substances: volatile and neekskretornye (ie, non-volatile).In the summer of one hectare of deciduous forest allocates about two kilograms of volatile volatile production within a day. term "volatile production" was introduced by the Soviet researcher BPTokin in 1928 and is used mainly in the Russian literature.

Phytoncides particularly active stand in the damaged plants.The volatile volatile, to which include allocation of oak, fir, pine, eucalyptus, have beneficial effects on the human body at a distance.They are capable of destroying protozoa and some insects in a few minutes.

Phytoncides fir destroy pertussis sti
ck, pine - bacillus, birch - germ Staphylococcus aureus.But with wild rosemary or yasnetsom be careful - they are poisonous to humans.

impact of volatile production is not confined to the killing of pathogenic bacteria: they also inhibit their proliferation and stimulates the activity of microorganisms that are antagonistic to pathogenic forms of bacteria.

Application phytoncids

chemical composition of volatile production varies, but almost always includes glycosides, terpenoids and tannins.Paradoxically, much volatile effectively protects against infections of humans and animals than plants. list of plants whose volatile useful for humans is very long: it is sage, mint, clover, wormwood, thistle, horsetail, angelica, yarrow and many others.

both in traditional and folk medicine for many years actively used drugs containing volatile garlic, onions, St. John's wort, juniper, wild cherry, Tui and many other plants.They successfully compete with trihomonadnyh obesity, heal festering wounds, abscesses and sores.Application phytoncids inside recommended in diseases such as atony intestines, bloating, intestinal catarrh, hypertension, bronchial asthma and heart, putrid bronchitis and many others.

alcohol solutions and extracts of garlic and onions (and allilchep allilsap) small amounts of a beneficial effect on the body, increase the excretion of urine, slow the heart rate and increase the strength of heart contractions.They are also used for colds and intestinal disorders.