nothing supernatural in atmospheric electricity, of course not, but that the lightning and the following thunder do not look less impressive and menacing.So what really is the lightning?

As we know from school physics course, all items have a definite electric charge.Collision between a charged particles leads to the creation of large areas of positive and negative charges.When the areas are quite close to each other, there is a breakdown in the rush to create a channel charged particles.This breakdown of the people and is seen as a bolt of lightning.

If lightning is more or less clear why after it comes the terrifying roar reminiscent of artillery?After all, the same physics convinces people that the electric cu
rrent can not see, hear or otherwise detect, except for special instruments.

As it turns out, the whole thing - in the air, or rather in its properties.The fact that, being essentially an insulator, when it is heated up to the breakdown temperature of the order of 30 000oS.Moreover, the rate of heating and therefore expansion of the air environment is expanding explosively, leading to the emergence of the shock wave, and that the human ear perceives as a rumbling and thunder.

Consequently, lightning and thunder are inseparable, as a result of a lightning bolt.Talk about what supposedly happens lightning without thunder and vice versa - are groundless.

On the other hand, there are many inexplicable associated with lightning and their manifestations.Enough known and relatively well-studied species, such as a linear lightning, rope, knotted, tape.In turn, they are united and branched.The most mysterious and yet unexplored until the end of the lightning - ball.Contact her greatest number of oddities and mysteries as confirmation of documented and unproven.

has been noted by many witnesses, lightning flickers.The fact that lightning consists of a set of successive discharges lasting only a few tens of millionths of a second.This creates a flickering effect.

Bolts of lightning are both between storm clouds, between a cloud and the ground, and sometimes discharge for unclear reasons goes vertically into the sky.

As for lightning coming from the clouds to the ground, the two known types of positive and negative.And, according to scientists, it is a positive level as a more powerful cause fires.