elements of the biosphere Biosphere (from the Greek. Bios - life, sphera - sphere ball) includes: - living matter - all living organisms - Nutrients - products generated by living matter (peat, oil andetc.) - bioinert substance - products resulting from the interaction of living matter from inanimate nature (soil) - inert substance - a substance formed by processes in inanimate nature (rocks) Referring developed biosferaVnachale living organisms have used only organic compounds fromOcean.Product exchange was carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere and accumulate there.Pretty soon the primary resources of the ocean were istoscheny.Poyavilis organisms capable of processing carbon dioxide and hydrogen in the atmosphere, - anaerobic organisms (from the Gree
k. Aer - air, an - denial).During their livelihoods are made of carbon dioxide, methane: CO2 + 4H2 = CH4 + 2H2O + E.Reaktsiya proceeds with the formation of water and the release of energy that is used for anaerobic organisms zhizni.Metan under the action of ultraviolet radiation is again an organic compound;then he returned to the ocean.The concentration of methane in the atmosphere, according to scientists, has remained about the same urovne.S time in the atmosphere, and depleted stocks of hydrogen.Methane-bacteria lost their source of energy.It needed a new form of energy and the exchange veschestv.Takoy form became photosynthesis - the process of producing organic matter and energy from carbon dioxide in the light.In the first microorganisms practicing photosynthesis, he proceeded without the release of oxygen.Later, there were photosynthesizing organisms released into the atmosphere kislorod.Atmosfera Earth is changing.It appeared more oxygen.The present level of oxygen in the atmosphere is 21% Hereinafter appeared organisms capable of extracting energy for the life of oxygen.With the advent of aerobic organisms (using oxygen), the Earth's biosphere began to develop rapidly.Aerobic organisms during respiration consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide required for fotosinteza.Takim other organisms, the biosphere - is a shell of the Earth, which constantly there are processes of synthesis and decomposition of organic matter.The ratio of the processes of synthesis and decay - vacillates, changing over time.But in general, the biosphere - a stable system, all elements of which are interrelated.